Clean rooms are special, cleaner-than-clean rooms, set up for special production processes where working cleanly is – often literally – a matter of life and death. In space technology for instance, when building satellites, where the smallest mistake can lead to costly disasters.

The air has to be pure and free from ‘contamination’, guaranteed, considerably cleaner than the average operation theatre in a hospital, for instance.

It is vital for the clean packing of medical devices or medical instruments, but also for the distribution and storage of food that is particularly ‘error-sensitive’ and needs to be 100% safe and hygienic, such as baby food.


With its high-tech clean rooms, Almed intentionally decided to go one step beyond ‘within the norm’ or ‘more than satisfactory’. Above anything else, our clients want a products that is 100% sound and reliable. And that puts bar high.

Our well-equipped cleanrooms easily pass the tests: ISO class 7 or ISO class 10.000, in accordance with ISO 14644.

A visit to our production location in Hoogeveen will convince you straight away.

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What does an ultra-clean production turn into a clean room?

Not visible with the naked eye, but the normal open air in an urban environment is home to an average 35 million contaminated particles, also in most living rooms.

There are big and small clean rooms: from a single workstation to entire units and assembly halls that measure hundreds of square metres.