You don’t “just” continuously meet the extra high quality requirements that are vital when medical products and food that require special, careful handling are entrusted to us.



You need professional people, sophisticated production resources and smart materials. No wonder then, that Almed is certified for the international standards

ISO 13485:2003 + AC : 2009

Almed operates in accordance with the guidelines of GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice.

Our quality system is entirely digital and is audited by everyone involved on an annual basis. By various clients, by means of careful, internal audits and by the officially authorised test institute for our sector: Eurocat Institute for Certification & Testing BSi.



Assembly, packing, coming up with ideas for you about product innovation: all of it is the work of man, fortunately. Work that is suitable only for enthusiastic, committed, motivated and well-trained members of staff. Used to work in a disciplined and hygienic manner, used to strict procedures and not afraid to ask critical questions from time to time: how can we do things even better and more careful when it concerns a product, collaboration or quality assurance?

Almed has its own quality service (AQ) and uses an external QP party.



Almed is always aware of the latest developments. Developments to work cleaner, more efficiently and more streamlined. Mistakes have to be excluded, and so has unnecessary delays. Two examples of recent machinery acquisitions:

Multivac, a horizontal thermoforing and packing machine.

Developed for the sterile packing of various products: implants, catheters, stents, medical tools, in short all medical devices that need to be fully protected during storage and transport until the moment they are taken into use.

For medical equipment and other products that are sensitive to contamination, we guarantee a safe and reliable packing process. But that’s not all: quality also means reproducible and traceable.


The Schib Flowpacker was developed for the packing of products in flow packs, from the flat foil roll. These machines can process all kinds of hot and cold sealable foil, including polyethylene foil. The packaging material is uncoiled flatly and shaped into a tube by means of a shaping device. As soon as the products is safely protected by the foil, the foil is sealed length-wise and then breadth-wise. It it then cut into individual bags or separate packaging for each unit.